Presentation slides

This is an archive-in-progress to which I am adding new set of slides – for older presentations, please see my site.


Alex Timpson attachment and trauma programme in schools, NAVSH conference for designated teachers, Old Trafford, 7th May 2019


Care-experienced students in higher education: how they get there and how they get on, University of Oxford, 18th March 2019


Students-as-insurers: rethinking ‘risk’ for disadvantaged young people considering higher education in England, Centre for Global Higher Education, University College London, 7th March 2019


The epistemology of effectiveness: exploring the challenges of demonstrating impact from higher education outreach activities, SRHE Annual Conference, Newport, 6th December 2018

Possible Selves

Using the lens of ‘possible selves’ to explore access to higher education – a new framework for policy, practice and research, SRHE Annual Conference, Newport, 6th December 2018